Posted February 17, 2017

Back To Normal?

The teachers’ work-to-rule strike action, followed by a day or so of actual striking, is coming to an acrimonious conclusion. What has been achieved?

Working Conditions: This is not a topic that can be thoughtfully addressed as part of collective bargaining. That was acknowledged in the early rounds of discussion and a useful process put in place for ongoing work by the union and government.
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Both teachers and parents have reason to be confused by the “rules” that govern work-to-rule.

On December 5th, the NSTU issued a directive to teachers listing 25 activities they were to cease performing. Since then, they have had a number of incidents that did not reflect well on them.
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At the 1976 Progressive Conservative leadership convention, Joe Clark received support from 11.7% of the delegates on the first ballot. He went on to win on the fourth.

There were ten candidates in total. Those with low or declining vote count played a very important role. Three of them dropped out after the first round of voting, and all joined the Clark camp.
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Last week’s article on local producers of alcoholic beverages drew a lot of correspondence. Some of it was supportive, but most found the argument unsatisfactory. The matter merits further exploration.

Many readers think the tax versus subsidy argument is a valid test:
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Nova Scotia has seen an explosion of home grown tipple in recent years. Enjoying too much of it might impair our judgment.

There are now 21 wineries and 40 brewers of craft beer, as well as growing numbers of distillers and makers of apple cider. Sales exceed $20 million and are growing fast.
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