Posted September 15, 2017

Another Bad Day for Electricity Customers in Nova Scotia

The energy from Muskrat Falls is not going to be available until at least 2020. But the transmission lines are all built at a cost exceeding $1.5 billion. You are going to pay the interest on that debt while we wait.

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Health is a leading area of importance to voters, but politicians are experts neither in healthcare nor in organizational design. So political interference usually does more harm than good.

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Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, together with organizations like the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, are up in arms about the proposed changes to the rules for income tax on small businesses. Read More »

The province spends money on a variety of economic development activities. There needs to be better transparency, analysis of payback, and willingness to act on the evidence.

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Well-managed immigration is hugely important to the success of Canada, and even more so to the viability of the Atlantic provinces. Read More »