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  • Dear Bill,

    Having a quiet afternoon at home and so finally turned my mind to your site. Good Stuff! God I wish we would talk about things in our community. Esp. in Halifax, no significant new idea even hits the floor viz. RCMP and tax reform.

    Anyway, comments on transportation.

    I wonder whether;

    1. one way, one lane, through the cut, mid-night to noon in bound, noon to mid-night out bound. Maybe buses only 6:30 – 8:30, 4:00 – 6:00. Should fit and be cheap. Road bed is there already? Just paving maybe 20′ wide.

    2. Does rail access have to go across the overpass at the foot of Chebucto road near the rotary. Is that a problem? is there a way around it, across it or would access to a have to be beyond it ?

    2. I heard some port guy argue that we needed the P P Park port cause bigger ships won’t be able to get under the bridges. Is that so?

    4. Do we even know where commuters go and when? Metro Transit should have some idea if only from fare revenue, but a friend who worked with them says they haven’t a clue.

    It seems to me that the major commuter destinations are the medical complex and the universities. (The actual down town seems pretty quiet.) Should we not focus on the best service for them? I suppose the universities have mostly random arrivals and departures, but are there not shifts at the hospitals and cannot public transportation be tailored to them.

    I wondered further about a little ferry for passengers and bikes across from the Dingle to the foot of Oakland Road where there is already public land with a wharf, with simple terminals. I do believe that in the olden days, when I was young, there was such a service.

    An anecdote; I remember hearing assessment appeals. People would argue for reduced assessments near the cut because of noise of trains shuttling back and forth, lights and noise from the pier itself…. Assessors would argue it had no impact on actual sales. Since then big expensive homes have been build virtually overhanging the cut. I think the assessors were right. People do adjust, and I remember living on Franklin Street, you would hear the trains at 3:00 a.m., roll over, and go back to sleep. And for people in the south end to look down on working people who live in Spryfield, Timberlea complaining about about traffic is despicable anyway… I am beginning to rant..

    Best regards,


    Walter Thompson | March 6, 2010 | Reply