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Taxpayers contribute over $300,000,000 per year to universities. Do you ever wonder what you get for that money? Government demands remarkably little from the universities in the way of accountability.

It is revealing that only one of the Department of Education’s seven goals concerns itself with post secondary education. It addresses issues of funding and tuition, and number of participants.

There is no effort to address questions of quality or relevance of the research and education provided by the universities.Join the conversation on Universities…

Comments of all kinds are welcome. Here are some questions on which we would particularly like to hear:

  1. Did you graduate from a Nova Scotia university or the NSCC?
  2. Has the education you received been valuable to your employment?
  3. Do you have experience of university research making a useful contribution to your work or community?
  4. Do you feel that universities deliver value for money?
  5. Do you live in a university community? If so do you feel that it adds to the community’s vitality and culture?

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