MLA Pensions

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  • The situation you referr to is immoral and possibly illegal.
    I am not sure the terms Fraud and theft don’t apply.
    No matter how flowery the packaging, the basics stink!

    Peter McCurdy | November 20, 2011 | Reply

  • I have to disagree with one aspect of your latest comments BIll. While I am in principle opposed to retroactive legislation,, this situation cries out for it.

    When Art Donahoe issued his report on MLA salaries in 2006, the main thrust of the recommendations that were accepted was to eliminate some non taxable remuneration by converting them to fully taxable.

    This conversion was meant to be revenue neutral . However, it provided a wholly unintended benefit of increasing pensionable earnings by something close over 50 % and further also artificially boosted the average of best salary since then. Those MLA’s who were in office in 2006 and after have received a huge inapproriate boost to their pensions as result of this “revenue neutral” change

    Surely this is a clear case where retroactivity can be justified.

    Ian Crowe | November 7, 2011 | Reply