A Low Risk Venture at a High Risk Cost

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  • Nova Scotians have to realize that having Green Energy targets has a price. Wind and Solar are unreliable by their very nature. Conversion of our coal fired plants to Natural Gas would cost just as much as the share for Muskrat falls. The Mythology spread by a so called spokes person for the Sierra Club that we can get cheap power from Hydro Quebec is indeed a fantasy. The Nova Scotia to New Brunswick connection is about 300 Mgw capacity. Nova Scotia consumes 2200 Mgw . The case of Quebec Hydro selling more power to the State of Vermont is telling. a Mere 250 Mgw at 6 cents per Kwh to help replace the power lost from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station which provided 70 percent of the electricity to Vermont electrical Utilities at a WHOLESALE price of 3 cent per Kwh hour. Residential customers in Vermont pay 10.5 cents per Kwh and they are complaining about pending increases in their power bills. Quebec and Vermont have interconnections Nova Scotia and Quebec do not and it would cost just as much to connect us to that grid. Quebec Hydro and NB power are only able to exchange a little over 1000 megawatts of power . There is a Quebec Hydro project to send power to Boston and it includes a 3 mile long tunnel under the St Lawrence river and transmission lines to Boston . This project is about 1.5 billion in cost. Nova Scotians complaining about the electricity rates should be aware that New York City and New Jersey have residential electricity rates of 20 cent per Kwh . Much of the James Bay projects in Quebec were financed via the State of New York.

    paul | December 22, 2012 | Reply