Muskrat Falls Electricity: Only the Expensive Part is Guaranteed

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  • Yet another reason for the people of NS and NL to stop this madness. Neither government seems to care about the long term good of its people. NL will never need the power, cannot afford the project and will likely be hit with cost overruns due to the soil instability of the North Spur. More analysis here:

    NL_POLICY | May 29, 2013 | Reply

  • Your request will be in vain the socialist government that infests this province are hell bent on ramming thru their vision of green power. It will be at all costs and it will be the memo in the headstone of this once great province. It is cowardly indeed to not call an election over this issue, but cowards are what cowards do, the NDP know that they will be out on their ear next vote. It is their intention to do as much damage as they and their handmaiden EMERA can wrought before that happens..

    Johnny smoke | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  • This is a very disturbing situation for the future of Nova Scotia. The irony is very sad. Our politicians of today complain about the debt created by a previous generation. A debt our children’s children will never likely be able to pay off. A debt that makes our Province a poor choice for investment without the endless supply of subsidies from Government. Fast forward to today. This is no different. We have another group forcing a business case through that will create yet another reason why Nova Scotia is an unfriendly place to do business and raise a family. The fundamentals of the business model and projections behind this project are so deeply flawed. With demand for electricity in Nova Scotia on the decline, what is the real motivation for this project? It favours a stakeholder group that does not include the rate payers in Nova Scotia.
    Call the election and put it to the people.

    G.O. | May 19, 2013 | Reply