Small Wind Projects are Expensive and Annoying

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  • Thank you for this information, it continues to add to my knowledge base, although I must admit I do not completely understand how we got into this mess or how we get out of it. One common denominator that continues to come through all your posts is how government interference, either directly or through the regulator, continues to add to the problem and drive costs up. Wouldn’t we love to know how much that interference is costing us today.
    The government loves to make NSP to be the bad guy. I am not sure I can conclude they are the evil empire. Wind power quotas, efficiency costs, splitting generation and transmission, etc are sources of increased costs not vice versa. Pressure must be kept on NSP to insure efficiency, but sometimes I wonder if we would not be better off to remove all interference and set a ‘market based” rate per KWh (as opposed to a cost based rate) and tell NSP here is what “consumers” will pay, you figure out how to make money doing it.

    Barry H | December 16, 2013 | Reply

  • I enjoyed reading your article. Efficiency N.S employs approx. 90 people. It seems like they have built quite an empire.This is a service which was not asked for by the taxpayers. After a period of time shouldn’t this be phased out and turned over to the private sector. If I as a business owner want to spend on an energy consultant to save my business money then I can pay for the service myself. Once the public institutions have all been converted it seems a user funded service such as this should be a private service.It is a good idea but the costs seem to be spirally out of control. All things homeowners can do to save on their electric bill could be posted on government websites. You seem very well educated on the subject and maybe could correct me on areas I may be misinformed on.

    Jim | December 16, 2013 | Reply