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  • The report says and you conclude that the education system operates pretty much for the benefit of the teachers (union?), and not for many of the students. Given that education is perhaps the most important task we ask of government, and that the system is (universally) broken, it is to our economically moribund province’s advantage to ‘Ivanize’ it quickly. To fix it, disciplined leadership must come from the legislature (which may mean we have to vote more carefully than we have for 75 years). Power has to passed to the principal, away from the interference from the parents, politicians (get rid of the Boards) and the rest of the community. Let the Department do the administration that the principal’s office doesn’t do, like coordinate what a basic curriculum should entail, and record keeping. This way somebody, on site, would finally be in charge for a change. And, if that doesn’t smarten us up, then emphasize privatization of certain schools (perhaps rural) with appropriate tax credit for those who unload the public system. (If the legislature is successful with education, then perhaps they could do the same with healthcare.)

    gordon a.... | November 7, 2014 | Reply

  • I cannot see very much wrong with this report and certainly the related COMMENTS appear valid.What does concern me however is that preparing REPORTS/STUDIES seems to have become one of the Higher Profile INDUSTRIES in this province but all too seldom do we ever learn of concrete, measurable results/benefits arising out of this process..Certainly by now we must have well learned what it that we should be doing so our funds would be put to better use if we spent them on paying these various Experts/studiers to Actually do something instead of limiting their roll to that of simply telling the rest of the Taxpaying citizens

    bob mackenzie | November 7, 2014 | Reply