Fact-Based Decisions

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  • The Minister, if he had any backbone, could impose a year-end deadline on the bureaucrats to have regulations drafted and moved through a final consultation process. Its a matter of pushing the immovable burearcracy to get the job done so the Province and industry can get on with the urgent need of creating new jobs. Nothing like a threat of heads to roll if they don’t, to light a fire under them.

    John Olmstead | January 11, 2015 | Reply

  • A very important, perhaps the most important,element in this whole issue of fish farming,especially salmon farming,is and has been missing right from the start and that is ‘TRUST’..It appears that little, if anything of substance,has been done to insert/foster a condition of mutual trust and until that situation can be rectified it is unlikely that there will be much acceptable progress.Much of the financial arranging has been poorly explained and this has tended to worsen the situation in the view of taxpayers. Time for some serious change…

    bob mackenzie | January 9, 2015 | Reply