Get a Grip

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  • Dorsey was handed a tangled web of legislation and a political wish-list and was told to make it happen. There is an amazing amount of legal consideration required to this process as well. No wonder it was late, and he didn’t achieve the mandate. Now the government is back to the drawing board in its wish, to have only 4 bargaining units. This is where we need to go, ultimately, the number of bargaining units in this province is unsustainable. Union leadership has played a game with bureaucrats for long enough, and the gig is nearly up. No wonder they have taken out attack ads, their revenue source is under threat. Imagine those NSGEU nurses paying big union dues, NSGEU is going to lose those big bucks to NSNU. That can’t feel good, and those clerical workers won’t be paying as much in dues as the nurses, so little consolidation to NSGEU. CUPE and Unifor are also under threat as well. Minister Glavine needs to soldier on. And he needs to get a strong VP of People behind him in the new provincial health authority. He’s going to need it.

    Cecile | February 21, 2015 | Reply

  • The real “majoritarian” issue is that the Government needs to revisit the public servants’ abusive acquired rights – perhaps removing the strike. (Their strike is not carried out against private management, but against the hand that feeds them (the public).

    gordon a.... | January 26, 2015 | Reply

  • Bill,

    Bang on with “get a grip”. I hope our government reads this one and is listening. ALL of the tax-paying Nova Scotian’s I have spoken to on this matter agree completely.


    Jim Mills | January 26, 2015 | Reply

  • It strikes me that there was a problem in negotiating the contract with the expert we hired. Prior to signing the contract I would think the government would have provided strict guidelines regarding what was required and a concept of what the finished product would look like. Equally important would be a firm statement as to what is in and what is out, in terms of the outcomes that the expert can come up with.
    It would appear the government gave the expert unbridled boundaries as to what he could consider and what various outcomes he could recommend. How else could the report vary so much from what the government expected.
    When one gives a open ended project to a conceptual individual they will come up with concepts that try to please everyone but often fail to get the job done.
    Thus we end up with a mess and given the government did not properly define the scope of the project the expert will get paid for the past endeavors as well as the future endeavors to fix the problem.

    Barry H | January 23, 2015 | Reply

  • It appears that Premier McNeil has made only one error in this whole process and that was in his choice of Mr.Darcy as Med-Arb. It is certainly to be hoped that the premier stands firm at this juncture in order to prevent that error from becoming a permanent/fatal one..

    bob mackenzie | January 23, 2015 | Reply