Measuring Mulcair

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  • “Measuring Mulcair” would find an over- regulating brainiack who while displaying outward ‘mean-spiritedness’ (which it seems to me he accuses another of) essentially STANDS FOR REDISTRIBUTION, from the makers or wealth to the takers . Mulcair didn’t invent this leftist drift of what is perhaps perceived today to be the majority (as head-counted), but does take full advantage of a public who certainly won’t be reading his policy book, as you advise, for, shall we say, a sort-of dumbing-down seems prevalent . And yes, the ” no excuse for being surprised” has a certain delay (kind of like engorging on a trip to Disneyland – only to discover all that fiction put you in the poorhouse afterward.)

    gordon a.... | June 28, 2015 | Reply

  • Let us not forget that the Harper Conservatives have run a deficit every year they have been in power, that the national debt has ballooned under them, that the federal Civil Service employment has grown to peak levels and the nations infrastructure has decayed under Harper

    I think NDP biggest weapon, that they have not effectively deployed yet, is the real Harper Economic record, not the one he touts.

    The unnecessary GST reduction from 7% to 5% (exactly the opposite of what most economists recommend) Was a purely political move which has cost us billions in lost revenues.

    Nicholas Carson | June 27, 2015 | Reply

  • It may sound strange but I think that it may well turn out that Thomas Mulcair is the best hope that Stephen Harper has of keeping his job as Prime Minister , albeit perhaps in a minority position but, if Mr. Mulcair maintains the course he is currently on, that could develope into a majority; perhaps a slim one…

    bob mackenzie | June 27, 2015 | Reply

  • Mulcair is very smooth in his speeches and avoids the real substance but plays to the emotions . The mere fact he wants to increase capital gains taxes shows he is really not there for the little guy like he wants the little guy to believe. The capital gains being rolled back by Chretien that took away the $ 100,000 deductible hurt everyone who wants to own a cottage or a small rental, and every small business as well . The mere fact the NDP MP’s are the highest spenders ( Meagan is one of the highest) with their expense accounts , and that included Layton and Chow too, demonstrates they do not walk the talk . Mulcair will give in to every union demand as all his provincial counterparts have done , especially Dexter. Mulcair has no offer to resolve the auto sector for example .
    It’s all matter of who is best to watch the dollars .

    peter S | June 26, 2015 | Reply