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  • Re: the postscript. It is a shame Mr. Chisholm was not willing to post his comments on the website. He probably did not want them to appear any place where they would be regarded as being on the record.

    As many a politician has said– those damm records have ruined many a good attempt to spin a fairytale.. ..
    It takes us back to the old question of why politicians lie and how they try to avoid getting caught lieing.
    I trusted Mr. Dexter and the NDP once. Mr Chisholm’s approach reminds me to never trust them again.
    If we want to see what will happen to Canada under a socialist government take a look at Greece.

    Barry H | July 6, 2015 | Reply

  • Blurring the lines of responsibilty for managing the education of our children and the creation/ operation of community centers would be a huge mistake. School boards must have a clear focus on efficient delivery of education.
    Only communities can determine the need for a community center and make a financial commitment to make it happen.
    If communities need assistance to undertake the assessment and eventual operation of a community center then lets push the proper authorities to provide such. School Boards and the education system as a whole must not be charged with that responsibilty. Distractions such as this issue will only hurt the education of our children.

    Barry H | July 5, 2015 | Reply

  • It would seem that, at this stage, a very broadly based decision is required, viz: What is the real purpose/requirement of these smaller community based schools; Provide the students with the best education possible or serve the overall community’s more broadly based interests at the same time. If the former, then the Education Minister should proceed accordingly. If the latter, then the more broadly based interests i.e. business, social, personal, lifestyle etc should be prepared to provide the funding etc necessary in order to realize their desired outcome…It would not seem that an already very financially challenged Education Department should HAVE to serve interests not included in its most basic/important mandate/responsibility viz: Provide the best education possible for the current/future generations so that they can confront/conquer the many challenges that lie ahead for citizens of this orovince…

    bob mackenzie | July 4, 2015 | Reply

  • One part of the equation that never seems to get mentioned is the cost to the education system of providing the buss service. Could this expense be better used to educate the children? As someone who attended schools with more than one grade in a classroom, and no need for a gym for fitness because we walked or biked to school, home for lunch, and home from school; one wonders just how consolidation has improved the learning process. Four university degrees later, I still wonder.

    Ron Gilkie, Ph.D., P | July 3, 2015 | Reply

  • We should separate the management of the real estate from the use of the buildings such that Education is more of a tenant . The P3 schools built in 2000 were not designed to be anything but schools and already some of those are headed for only 50% utilization . The buildings and space should have been designed to be converted to other uses as space is vacated . Common areas should have had community center uses , off hours and off season uses .
    Students do not seem to be equipped to make the change to university or to enter trades as well as they could be . Never hear of aptitude testing or career readiness . I’ve seen too many graduate that have poor writing skills, no financial or business basics , no understanding of the law or government , etc .
    Students should be followed to know where they went to learn how effective they were taught . Principals and VP’sshould be “management”, not unionized . Closing schools and dumping the building on the municipalities as we did in 2000 was a horrible loss of investment in real estate . Schools are “civic” buildings and should be built to be able to renovated to be rental space , seniors housing or community clinics .
    Look at Citadel High and ask why wasn’t there a parking garage built into that?? Why not a 3rd and 4th floor of other uses ?

    peter s | July 3, 2015 | Reply