Public-Private Partnerships

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  • It’s perhaps simpler than all this tax gobbly-gook. Our governments have gotten too large. With all the largemess (not a typo) has come intrigue-filled complexity, including exactly who is to pay for all this government (taxationified accounting??) including schools and roads, both necessities – even as we have attempted to ‘operate’ them via what should be an efficient arrangement, rather than the ole model. Should we go the whole way; by privatizing certain schools (tolls?).

    Gordon a.... | November 8, 2015 | Reply

  • The referred to accounting rules are intended to insure that the full debt obligations of the government / taxpayers are fully disclosed. They are there to protect us and inform us. The rules are not the villains. The villains are those who spend significant time , as they did in 1998, trying to construct a deal that avoids the intent of the rules. The intent of their efforts was to avoid disclosing to taxpayers that we in fact “owe” money to those we “lease” property, schools, highways from. Who cares if we call it debt or a lease we, the taxpayers are on the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Given all the bad things associated with leases, that are reflected in the article, I am surprised with the conclusion that a P3 contract is the way to go in order to construct highways. P3 contracts are bound to cost more. There is only one issue, in my mind, how do we pay— tolls , income taxes, or highway/ gas tax.

    Barry H | November 8, 2015 | Reply

  • Schools: The Strait Regional School board did a review last year of it’s schools,including several which were these new P3 schools. Most if not all are now way below their capacity as enrolment has benefiting about 10% a year . Think by 2017 most will below the 50% capacity level . Now, remember , that vacated schools get turned over to municipalities . Also that vacant space in schools is not accounted for or is offered as rental space to the market . Also some of the P3 have space and contents that are part of a deal to provide community facilities as is the Strathesbay Concert Hall in Mabou . This is a looming mess as they need the schools but only 50% of the space . In the meantime, they house government staff in other locations just down the road and pay more rent .
    The finances of this province are far too secret and not transparent . Look at the Nova Star accounting and financial data that was made public . Look at Tourism and the NSTA ; a crown corporation with a website that has no financial data of their budget ,revenues and expenses , let alone what they /tourism produces as tax revenues .
    Even worse , it appears that Ministers /Crown Corporations like NSTA can make decisions affecting millions or even billions of dollars , or hundreds of business owners ,and do not even have to talk to the Minister of Finance about what they are doing . And then they can also walk away from what the Auditor General recommends and never have to tell anyone . Who is managing this place anyway ??

    peter s | November 6, 2015 | Reply