CPP Changes: Don’t Pop The Champagne

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  • Bill
    The only way to fix a pension scheme to is take the government hands out of the issue. That includes government worker pension schemes. Most pension plans have been wiped out the last decade. What remains will be wiped out the next decade and that includes government employee pension schemes.
    The pension scheme lasted one generation. They got the benefit we and our children are now indebted to it unless we the people say no we will not pay the over inflated cost of this scheme. People now and in the future will have to get used to the idea that we cannot live through retirement years as our parents once did; The parents that created the pawnzi pension scheme. When are we going to realize that the party is over? The thieves have not left the building bit we don’t want to put the cuffs on and send them to jail because the politicians and the media want to keep the lie going.
    This is a modern tragedy.

    David Kopriva | July 8, 2016 | Reply