Put Student Interests First

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  • The repayable bursary is a great idea. In fact, I believe it should be expanded to cover a broader chunk of the tuition. It should be repayable not by wage, but by years in Nova Scotia. This would allow young men and women to take time off to care for loved ones and raise their families while still reducing their amount owing (the goods and services they consume in the province are worth something!). Additionally, it allows graduates flexibility in choosing (or accepting) career paths such as self-employment and freelancing. There are many graduates struggling to stay in the province, accepting lower paying or less secure jobs than if they had left. Making loans like a repayable bursary based on time in the province rather than earnings could be a more effective retention strategy.

    Ben Wedge | July 5, 2016 | Reply

  • If we “put student interests first” I don’t think we would be having some of the educational doubts that exist today (and isn’t it the same with patients, in ‘diseasecare’ … ?).

    The best interest of students is in the ‘standard’ maintained of the system . Whether high enough standards can be maintained – that our student graduates would be ‘wanted’ in the ‘productive’ world, you may be hinting at.

    Encourage MOUs to lift the bar – considerably … or do without ! (Don’t forget to lift the primary and secondary education level standards first.)

    Gordon a.... | July 3, 2016 | Reply

  • We have far to many universities and they generally only serve as job creation projects and community pride illusions

    Bill | July 3, 2016 | Reply