Chasing The Jobs

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  • Yes, we must have some form of ‘salesmanship’ (other than an advertised ‘glow’ of an attractive business climate). If NSBI has that sales role, you and Baille are correct; but what is the cost? would it exceed the incentives?

    As for the “welfare” reference; there has been an element of this, as you infer . Think of Bombardier or the auto manufacturers in distant provinces. Their’s have hardly been “payoffs” (unless they are to unions).

    Real (private sector)”jobs” go where they are wanted. Government can arrange the ‘climate’, but the initiative comes from individuals either wanting to work OR investors wanting to employ… .

    Gordon a.... | March 24, 2017 | Reply

  • In a tough employment enviornment such as ours currently is, perfection can be quite elusive; thus a fair degree of trial and error endeavour might be warranted as long as a reasonable ‘batting avarage’ is maintained.

    bobmackenzie | March 24, 2017 | Reply