Progress on Primary Care Access is Impeded by Bureaucracy

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  • Your article on primary care is well written and perceptive.
    Its too bad that the DOH is adopting policies for primary care that have failed elsewhere.
    I hope that people like you have an influence – not for our sake- but for our grandchildren.

    David Zitner | November 27, 2017 | Reply

  • Bill, I think your article reflects the frustration shared by all taxpayers. Everyday, it seems we hear more examples of government screw ups/ decisions preventing the advancement of solutions. The truly frustrating part of this, as you appropriately point out, is these steps are common sense— if these Officials are truly concerned with helping Nova Scotians. The writing is on the wall, whether McNeil wants to admit it or not, the government’s actions have been totally unsuccessful.
    The government has a concept about health care. Concepts are wonderful, but they require the ability to implement without killing people along the way. Unfortunately there have been and will be more casualities caused by the government’s inability to provide seamless health care. The citizens who have prematurely died along the way or are suffering needlessly have been neglected by a government driven by concepts and skill deficiencies.
    As displayed by the McNeil response to the AG report, he has adopted the Trump approach. Attack those who criticize. One of many similarities we see between McNeil’s approach and Trump’s. Trump also seems to be unable to achieve results on critical issues.
    There is only one point in your article that I suggest is “weak” in its assessment — ” The province should make it a top priority.” Your dancing around the problem. McNeil should make it a top priority. but given there is a difference between repairing refrigerators and repairing health care I fear he does not know how.
    Further note: CTV reported 74 doctors have been hired in Fredericton in the past 3 years. What further evidence do we need of McNeil’s failure?

    barry h | November 26, 2017 | Reply