Finding Primary Care

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  • Isn’t it weird that the HA or Premier doesn’t seem to be releasing any routine statistical or financial or manpower or workload data on ANYTHING . The less transparent they are is only leading everyone to believe they are hiding information or that their tracking systems are in a mess . Taxpayers are not stupid . If they saw data to back up what the government is saying, they would be more likely to cut government some slack. Look at how quick the VP of NSPower offered the media access to NSP staff and talked about their problems at restoring power.

    peter s | January 5, 2018 | Reply

  • Bill, You are so right. I do not understand why the Premier does not step in and get people in charge to do the job properly. It is complicated but it can be done with the right leadership..

    Robbie Shaw | January 5, 2018 | Reply

  • Hi Bill: Why would a young Physician do Family Medicine? The Hospitalist contract, at $1300/day, 46 weeks, 5days per week works out to $299000/year and no expenses. AFP Specialist are probably in the range of $400000 to $500000/year, very littlie in the way of expenses! To earn $300000/year, at $33/patient visit, a FMD would have to see approximately 44 patients /day(46 weeks/year). Subtract $100000 for expenses, $60000 to $70000 for taxes, (rent, staff, supplies, fees). This is a problem for DHW, NSHA, and DOCNS. For a newly graduated physician, there are more renumerative options than family practice and collaborative care will not solve the problem.

    Ron Gregor | January 5, 2018 | Reply