To Have a Bright Economic Future, We Need Many More Nova Scotians

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  • I moved to Nova Scotia after living in the Prairies for 33 years. Nova Scotia is a beautiful province. But there are a few things that stand out; the people on the whole are not a good looking culture probably due to the British heritage. An overwhelming amount are overweight ( it is frightening to see what I witness in comparison to the Western provinces). Many more smokers in Nova Scotia than in the Western part of the country. Anyone from somewhere else will easily conclude that Nova Scotians haven’t mentally or physically grown out of the 70’s, in health reform, education, or immigration. Nova Scotians especially in the rural areas where I am reflect a white, under educated, government hand out mentality. It’s scary. And yet I see changes even within the few years I have lived here. I moved here because Nova Scotia has huge potential and also based on what I see on the world stage it is a safe place to raise a family. Immigration is a key to diluting the the British physical imagery as well as seize the potential of this province with great manufacturing and technology potential. The government should insure that potential companies are dispersed around the province which is why the communications infrastructure plan is crucial. The provincial potential is without limit but money has to flow and scared white people that want things to remain as is will need to change their thoughts and habits if they want any heritage of Nova Scotia to remain. And all Nova Scotians want to keep and develop a good heritage. We have many examples; Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea. These are some of the good cultures that are worth emulating. Yes, most of these cultures are Puritan in nature ( little immigration until recently) but many other aspects of beauty and success can be gleaned from them. Nova Scotia will be a force to be reckoned with in a decade if they continue to develop a path to success.

    David Kopriva | April 14, 2018 | Reply

  • We will only “have a bright economic future” when many more Nova Scotians “aim higher” … somehow .

    It ought to be obvious from that notion, best viewed through a “rural electrification” lens, that moving to urban centres has continued to do to the rural, what the steam engine initiated in the last epoch of rural depopulation.

    As you perhaps suggest, urbanization really isn’t working all that well; just look at the public debt scene; and, the over-dependence on government (which is not a do-all !).

    I wonder what’s holding back re-ruralization ?
    Isn’t the answer, that folks (and immigrants) don’t have places of work there ? If so, isn’t that something government could/should correct (and not by spending even more ‘economic development’ money?

    Investment goes where it is wanted, not necessarily where it is needed .

    Gordon a.... | April 8, 2018 | Reply

    • Gordon, I just read your comments on the necessity to concentrate on de-urbanisation and I believe you are spot on. Many cultures of the past and this generation are realizing that centralization of wealth and commerce is actually a road to failure. There should be some densification of population but at a certain point it becomes unhealthy in more ways than just a few. China, in it’s effort to citify it’s population is a method of control, but that should not be the goal of Nova Scoatia. developing small cities around the province is key to the success of this province. Look to Japan and other coastal countries as an example, even though they have mega cities, they are successful in population dispursement.

      David Kopriva | April 14, 2018 | Reply

  • I am lost as to why NS does not have a better organized effort and publicizes to reach immigrants from the UK , Europe , Germany Scotland, and Ireland given we have so many immigrants from those countries here already . WE also should be offering some sort of housing and land incentives in our rural areas in partnership with employers .Last year , the system was suffering from a loss of many lab technicians all over the province , the rural construction and trades are all short of employees in summer , and even workers in tourism are getting hard to find even in prime tourism locations. So we have a long list that we need to make known to these countries . The feds are not reaching to help NS so time to get our own immigration system in high speed . We saw how a small market and then an elderly chap both found workers within a few months using Facebook to come to a very rural area by offering land and housing assistance as the incentive . incentive .

    peter s | April 6, 2018 | Reply