All Four Climate Change Policies Are Out Of Touch With Reality

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  • No reasonable discussion on climate change is at all possible with our politicians. Most have zero clue about the science. Check out BC carbon tax. It’s at $35/tonne which is midpoint of Liberals proposed tax from 20-50. That BC tax has been in place since 2007. In ten years BC emissions did not change AT ALL. So how will a similar Liberal tax succeed where that one has failed ? Some say that emissions would have risen more without the carbon tax and while that is likely true the tax design and purpose is to lower absolute emissions. That it has not done. The Liberal plan , and other plans, that rely on a tax in that range will be fortunate to cut emissions at all.

    Blair T. | October 12, 2019 | Reply

  • Agree that nuclear must play a major role in addressing climate change and that, for the time being, it makes little sense to rely on imported oil vs that from Alberta. As someone who believes in the power of markets, surely a graduated carbon tax will help stimulate innovation to help us eventually transition to a non-fossil fuel future. The Conservatives have no rational plan, the Greens and NDP do not live in the real world. Seems to me, the Liberals have the “best of a bad lot” policy.

    Steve Chipman | October 11, 2019 | Reply

  • Regarding nuclear energy concerns, does anyone know someone who has turned down radiation treatment to treat their cancer. As someone who has had high dose radiation brachytherapy and external radiation for prostate cancer, it sure would not be me.

    Ron Gilkie, Ph.D., P | October 11, 2019 | Reply