Covid-19: Opening Up Choices Need To Reflect Regional Differences

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  • Interesting that you chose golf as an example, and yet golf courses are not open. The only place where golf is social is the bar at the end of the game. I wait for my husband to clear the tee before I get there, he hits one side of the fairway and I the other, we even don’t have similar putting challenges. If you don’t pull the pin, and the course has foam in the hole, there is no opportunity to contaminate playing partners who live in the same household. Why has Nova Scotia not followed BC’s lead on golf but has put it in the same category as a high contact sport, soccer? Golf is an outdoor excuse for a walk, good exercise if you are trying to stay healthy. We should all write our MLAs to question the easing strategy; thank you for starting this conversation.

    Mary Brooks | May 9, 2020 | Reply

  • I believe that your suggestion that different regions should normalize strategically based on the local effect is correct. I live in a rural community where there has been not one person who has been infected.

    How does one possibly stay physically and equally important, mentally health if the law states, you are alone. There is a one of the most beautiful beaches I know next door to me. Nobody is here, the ocean is beautiful but cold. On the biggest day of the summer there may be 10-15 people there. The beach goes for miles.

    I do not like government controls on my personal freedom. I appreciate what our National government has done to protect all of us but the regional situations don’t necessarily need the hand of the federal government.

    I think my Prime Minister has done a fantastic job. It is however time for communities to make decisions for themselves.

    I guess that is hard to do if you can not walk down a 3 km long beach, staying six feet away from your colleague and find really ways forward.

    I think this is enough. We never thought before that people were responsible. Crimes, deceptions and corruption. I think most of us have proven we are good.

    The point is, Canada is enormous. There is space for us. We are fortunate. Please let me walk on a beach that no one else is on!

    John Power | May 8, 2020 | Reply