Posted February 3, 2023

Nova Scotia’s Population Will Grow More Slowly In 2023. Good.

This space has, since 2010, argued strongly for population growth and has celebrated the successes that have been achieved. Nova Scotians might be wondering if we now have too much of a good thing.

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Nova Scotia’s health care system, which includes long term care, is not keeping up with the need. Recent deaths of patients waiting for care in emergency departments are just one symptom of the problem. There are not enough doctors, not enough nurses, not enough facilities. This week’s “summit” had health care leaders discussing short term responses. Read More »

The 2023-2024 provincial budget will be presented in early spring. The factors affecting revenue and expenses are more volatile than usual. The list of priorities need not include job creation. Read More »

The PC’s first 16 months in government reflect the premier’s sense of urgency. For some files that impatience has been valuable, in others it has been harmful.

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Premier Houston’s intervention on power rates is making a difficult situation worse. Here is why.

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