Posted June 24, 2022

The Conservatives must pick a leader who can win elections

Pierre Poilievre was just five years old when Jean Charest was elected to parliament at the age of 26. Poilievre was a year younger than that when elected in an Ottawa area riding in 2004. Read More »

Canada’s Conservatives will elect their new leader Saturday, September 10. The preferential voting procedures give equal weight to constituencies, except that those having fewer than 100 members will get less in proportion to the shortfall.

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Nova Scotia Power (NSPI) has picked an inconvenient time to ask for bigger profits. Customers are facing rate increases of 10% over three years. They are also being buffeted by spikes in costs for gasoline, foods, and housing. Read More »

When top tier investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008, it was unable to fulfill thousands of securities trades. The other big banks stopped accepting transactions from each other. The whole system froze up. Read More »

Politicians frequently use “affordable” when describing initiatives to help people find housing. Prices have spiked in all sectors of the market, and governments want to be perceived as working to provide help.

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