Pensions in Crisis – Update

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  • This is just another example of where taxpayers money is being poorly managed. Teachers are an employee of the province and thus the employer has certain obligations when it comes to salaries and benefits. The key here is that the salary is reasonable and the benefits are reasonable. Now , the unions like to have it so one group of provincial employees negotiates some thing higher , and then that sets the precedent for the next group. In NS, its seems that the teachers , the nurses and the government employees are the pivotal groups. Our opposition parties never seem to be able to have a position that challenges any of the union demands. The unions always like to play the “we’ll go on strike card”. The government , well really the senior bureaucrats seem to sit back and never take any leadership role when it comes to salary and benefit topics , nor do they ever seem to say that there is a better way to spend our taxes. We need to have much more transparency to get the financial information out there so the public starts to better understand just what our money is being used for . If a pension fund is in deficit, what exactly are the obligations of the employer and the pension plan members. Most people would say , time to increase the contribution or cut the amount of pension payout . Does anyone have any data that would show how our teachers compare to other provinces as well as other groups of employees? I seem to recall that when it comes to benefits that most taxpayers are not aware of the sweet drug plans that the teachers have. When I say sweet , I mean what they pay for a prescription compared to employees in other plans. I understand at one time in Ontario the co-pay in the Teachers plan was as low $2.00 per prescription; I understand in NS it is $5.00. So, who negotiated that deal and what of that plan is paid for by the Government as compared to the Teacher? Now , lets move to management of our schools, as that plays into the whole puzzle. Who is the one person that oversees all School finances and where is the Annual Report ? Surely we have a central accounting operation that can spew out the numbers such that they are on a website.
    We need a “tea party” in NS and soon.

    PS | June 7, 2010 | Reply