Looking For Leadership

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  • The time has come when proper LEADERSHIP in each province would be to EARN it’s own money for SPENDING. Redistributive expectations have turned us all into FOLLOWERS.
    When Ontario became have-not the game needed to change. We either spend a lot less or earn a lot more…and I don’t think we are ready for the latter just yet. And as far as leadership goes, perhaps we should look harder.

    Gordon a.... | August 2, 2013 | Reply

  • Nova Scotia’s health care system has been a job creation facility for more years than I can hope to remember. We have too many District Heath Authorities, clerical staff is everywhere and few attempts have been made to cut back.
    We have expensive machines left idle for most of two shifts every day and on weekends, they are idle. We run operating rooms like fighting disease is a 9 to 5 proposition and only from Monday to Friday. Forget it if you have to go into the hospital for a long weekend, you just lose three days when you get no treatment worth the name.

    When you arrive at each floor, nurses are gathered in flocks filling out patient records by hand. At $100 K to $200k per year, those are expensive clerks. Somebody needs to take control of this system and start looking at cutting costs.

    Jon Coates | August 2, 2013 | Reply