Losing Head Offices

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  • Hi Bill: I was a casualty of the Maritime Life take over by Manulife, there were physician consultants in Ontario! If one travels throughout Nova Scotia, one gets the impression that people are leaving, there are so many homes for sale in rural Nova Scotia. We are in deep trouble. Until there is an acceptance of business and entrepreneurs, whether it be Nova Scotians or “those from away” , things will only gets worse.

    Ron Gregor | August 22, 2014 | Reply

  • Losing businesses, let alone head offices, is a sign of something increasingly ‘unprosperous’.
    Governments don’t cause prosperity, businesses do – and a general ‘hostility’ to business exists, thus fewer private places to work.
    So the issue is that ‘someone’ needs to “inform” Nova Scotians ,so that as individuals, they can “engage” in the work that businesses may yet provide.
    It is the only way to provide prosperity in this day and age of world competition.
    Meritous employees need proper recognition by their businesses. And the unmeritous … ?

    Gordon a.... | August 22, 2014 | Reply