Inscrutable Leadership

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  • Minister Younger’s leadership style is similar to a wind vane when there is no wind, lost as to which way to point. But your title Inscrutable Leadership says it much better and in only two words.
    And he is the best that the liberals have for that portfolio. We are doomed.

    Barry H | September 19, 2014 | Reply

  • Many years ago I worked with a gentleman who had a habit of terminating business discussions by abruptly saying “Stop trying to confuse me with the facts, my minds made up”.In this instance it appears that Minister Younger has decided to forego discussion completely and proceeded directly to activate a previously determined conclusion; Unfortunate to say the least…

    bob mackenzie | September 19, 2014 | Reply

  • No matter what issue government may want to consult with the public about , you can always count on the people against the issue or proposal to be most vocal . To commission a study or to hire a consultant to get an opinion or recommendation and to require “public consolation” will have the same result . It happened when government wanted input on the non -resident land ownership issue and the realtors balked , but not the landowners affected ; it happened with the ATV issues, the underground and illegal tourism accommodations in 2007 , and now the fracking . While every citizen can have a say , in each of the above, there are certain audiences that have far more invested and far more at stake than others . They should be the critical audience . There should always be financial and statistical or even scientific data to table . There are pros and cons to weigh in everything as well as options and risks . It seems our governments are just not able to look at these situations objectively and they always sway to satisfy the one that made the most noise ,rather than not . PEI has had non resident laws for years and no impact . PEI has new laws to enforce licensing of accommodations while NS has the largest underground accommodations numbers in the 4 Atlantic provinces , and we still have ATV problems . Our politicians( or is it our senior bureaucrats ) do not seem to be able to understand the differences between what makes sense economically or financially for NS , let alone understand what has made sense in other jurisdictions . In all these situations mentioned , you will also note that never did the Minister meet with the municipalities when gathering input or have any real direct communication with the existing investors and business owners who may be affected or could benefit .

    Cabottrail | September 19, 2014 | Reply

  • Inscrutable to some, protectionism to others. Protecting – the populism that goes along with our “attitude”; which Ivany hopes will persuade us to reassess our ‘risk’ discomfort.

    Gordon a.... | September 19, 2014 | Reply