Implementing Ivany Needs Political Leadership

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  • It is obvious our expectations are too high. Read the qualifications of these “leaders” and one will understand their limitations. The problem is NOT that this group do not want to do a good job, nor is it an issue they do not understand the high level concepts. The problem is they do not have the qualifications to execute. Repairing a refigerator is different than repairing a bankrupt province.
    The question is how do we get the corrupt party leadership to bring forward qualified leaders. Until we eliminate the power of the political party we will continue to get party puppets who might be good grade 2 gym teachers or appliance repairmen but totally out of their comfort zone when leading a troubled province.

    Barry H | February 14, 2015 | Reply

  • Bill, these departments are operating with authority delegated to them from the Department of Finance really . This is where we should have our best financial brains and they should make sure the process for projects say over $1 million go through a process that ensures the project get assessed by a team of our best in Finance , and in Public Works or Environment or whatever Department with a vested interest , and even Justice who should be watching the contracts as our legal brains . Why is Sampson not delegating to his deputies. Sampson took the time to go to a Golf convention in Florida while people couldn’t get reservations on the Nova Star and he is also responsible to lead the Ivany recommendation we double tourism ?? Make you feel good ?? The Conservatives split the tourism department into two departments really by creating that Nova Scotia Tourism Agency, added a second deputy minister level job , and between the two organizations,each with a deputy , think there are only about 55 -60 people . Make sense?
    I’m sure one of our subsidized schools of business would love to have a chance to tell MacNeil how to reorganize this mess of departments .
    Many of us from business backgrounds would take a 1% commission for every job we would eliminate and get the resources where we need them . Big companies reorganize all the time.
    Nova Scotia, according to Bragg has far more civil servants than most provinces and who knows how many more millions they are spending on contracts for consultants and that sneaky practice they call “fee for service ” contracts, many of which appear to be never tendered . Again I say , lets see the organization charts and the salaries first .

    peter S | February 14, 2015 | Reply

  • All points well taken and valid.
    However the main problem is that we do not have competent,capable people in the leadership roles in government.
    With due respect to the integrity and sincerity of the Premier and Minister Sansom’s they are simply “in over their heads”
    Sansom should recognize and acknowledge that he is not competent to handle the load imposed upon him and the Premier as a competent leader should recognize this fact.
    When we do have competent, proven and dedicated citizens such as Bragg and ,Risley offer their business wisdom “gratia” they subject themselves to abuse because of their successes (see comments in the C-H)
    If as, you state and I accept, Sansom has had to spend “enormous amounts of time—” then why did he continue into negotiations to continue the service? I would regard this as a defect in managerial ability.
    Which brings me back to my main contention–we do not have competent people in charge nor do they have the ability to recognize and acknowledge their short comings and hire competent advice.
    It would make a wonderful case study for a graduate Business Administration student.
    What do you think the conclusion would be?

    Bill | February 13, 2015 | Reply

  • The problem with Ivany is that it was very high level and was talking about the principles we should start to follow when it comes to government and it’s role in Economic Development . Now we should be seeing signs of a real good action plan of projects to implement Ivany. Take tourism, where Ivany said we should double our revenues . The same was said back some 10 years ago , so obviously what we did over the last 10 years hasn’t worked ,so now maybe lets ask who was in charge and what was tried that failed. The ferry file was supposed to be a 7 year contract that didn’t even last a year ,as reservations were discontinued from November 2014 until February 2015 and another $13 million was put on the table to get them started .
    The the Bluenose file. Then the underground tourism economy lost millions . Then when do the municipalities get to the table . Seems we are missing good project management and purchasing management and contracting that we need to fix and make sure we rethink how we analyze any new government investment in anything .

    Peter S | February 13, 2015 | Reply