University Funding

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  • It is interesting how far politians will go to protect their citizens from the”evils” of others / institutions but how little they do to protect us from politians whether they be federal/ provincial/ municipal.

    Barry H | May 5, 2015 | Reply

  • This might be termed “Reasonability and Accountability” neither of which we seem to have an Overabundance of…

    bob mackenzie | May 2, 2015 | Reply

  • We have too much government. Universities are quasigovernment like the hospitals. Both need to be privatized – not coddled by government.
    Education is the most important thing we do for the next generation, but there has to come a time when the student assumes the initiative for continuing. As for research, I’ m sure the university boards would properly support that ‘invisible hand’ even if it was at the expense of collective activity.

    gordon a.... | May 1, 2015 | Reply