Political Patience Is Unnatural

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  • Most personal quailities that we value in a democratic society disappear from our politicians once they are elected. Honesty, integrity, openess, transparency, common sense,etc. become long forgotten once the votes are counted. Why should patience be any different?

    Barry H | June 14, 2015 | Reply

  • Certainly all governments receive an abundance of critism, much of which is very well deserved and a lot of it comes from ‘armchair decision makers’…Many of us tend to forget (or overlook) the fact that more often than not these are tough decisions that have to be made quickly and without the ‘benefit of hindsight’..Thus, perfection can be elusive…This is not to excuse sloppy governance; just a reminder that perfection can be elusive, especially when assessed after the fact…Take that from someone who, more often than not, is anything but an apologist for government decisions …

    bob mackenzie | June 12, 2015 | Reply

  • Governments would make their lives much easier by being more transparent on where they spend money and also by having some measurable performance standards for programs and departments, showing historical trends . Same with municipalities. same with all agencies and crown corps. There are very few expenses where confidentially is a reason to block data .
    You start small and build up the detail over time . You should show budgets and actuals, cost per client ,cost per capita , municipal break downs , etc. They were stupid to shut down that Community Counts operation as that was great data for anyone in business or anyone in Economic Development to get a feeling for what was happening in a municipality . The same data may appear to be somewhat available from Stats Canada but it really isn’t . We still have yet to see any changes in the ways we are using to attract investment or immigration or even retirees . We are already seeing signs that we overbuilt schools back in 2000 as we have lots of vacant space starting to appear but no plan to put that space to work .Government is still facilitating a two tier tax system in tourism, while loosing millions . WE know the USA ferry is likely the wrong type of boat but we keep delaying having Plan B.There has to be certainty of a ferry for 2016 -2020 as soon as possible . Funny we never hear what Marine Atlantic financials are for the ferries to Port Aux basques in comparison, yet we know they fill up all summer long and make two trips a day. Every hospital can easily show the public what they spend and the numbers of patients, days in beds, etc . Once data is in a computer, it is there to be used , and can be spewed out in all sorts of ways , at little expense .

    peter s | June 12, 2015 | Reply