Harper’s Style Hurts The Substance

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  • Bill, your summary is correct; except that the conclusion that style trumps substance falls apart on election day. Voters suddenly get realistic when the time comes to cast an opinion that matters.
    On election day voters evaluate the economy/ jobs; tax philosophy; and to some degree toughness on crime to decide how they vote.
    The socialists know this and that is why our famous NS NDP leader promised to not increase taxes. He knew at the end of the day style would not win the election. Substance did matter. Just one of many examples where substance trumps style, in both provincial and federal politics.

    Barry H | July 19, 2015 | Reply

  • Come now Bill. Mr. Harper has been a disaster, cut the sales tax which most economist thought was a bad idea, cut corporate taxes but no corporations are spending, gives money to families with children at the expense of single individuals and childless couples, ignores the environment, ignores Parliament with omnibus bills, tough on crime as crime rates are lower than ever, and on and on. Time for Mr. Harper to go.
    Ron Gregor.

    Ron Gregor | July 18, 2015 | Reply

  • This is a classic case of ‘hate the messenger’ and thus it follows that the message is not welcomed…Some of the legislation passed by this government has been needed and good but the delivery and attitude displayed by Prime Minister Harper tends to sour it in the mouths/minds of many Canadians.

    bob mackenzie | July 17, 2015 | Reply