Expensive Experiments

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  • Another example of how government policy impacts our power rates. When NSP files to recover these inflated costs government officials will help direct our anger towards NSP and the PUB, totally avoiding the role they have played in increasing our power rates.
    Is there any doubt about the incompetentcy, or moral standards of the candidates our political parties put before us. When will we get a Donald Trump running for office, challenging the party establishment.

    Barry H | August 23, 2015 | Reply

  • An advocacy group of Fellows and Members of the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers with years of experience in Nuclear Power are presently distributing information to Energy Ministers in most of the provinces in Canada in an effort to provide them with factual information about the advantages of low risk, and long term price stability of nuclear energy. They give information on the number of nuclear plants being built in many countries, many using Canadian nuclear technology, at the same time that countries like Germany are shutting down reactors to the detriment of the cost to their citizens. Hopefully our energy minister will take the time to read the information before he decides to move forward with any more expensive “environmentally friendly” options.

    Ronald Gilkie | August 21, 2015 | Reply