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  • I think the phrase SNAFU, summarizes the actions of this government.
    Bill B describes two situations which are costing Taxpayers about $ 4M per year. This situation has been around for years and Bill has identified this waste and abuse in previous articles. The government has done nothing.
    This is what is usually called, in the process of controlling costs, low hanging fruit. The savings are “easy to get” and the pain associated with getting it, is minor. So why does the government close its eyes to this waste?
    A month ago the government was hot to inflict considerable pain on seniors. That was not a problem! The pharmacare program had to become self sustaining, not subsidized by general tax revenues. Bring down the hammer, impose massive increases in premiums.
    So on the one hand seniors help subsidize waste in the education system through their income taxes, but on the other seniors are told teachers (and others) should not be subsidizing the seniors’ pharmacare program through their income taxes.
    Obviously Mr. MacNeil views the seniors as weak and vulnerable, whereas he is intimidated by the teachers union.
    So in the end the teachers have better representation from their union then the seniors have from their government. And that is why SNAFU appropriately describes the government of Nova Scotia.
    Thanks for keeping us informed Bill!

    barry h | February 20, 2016 | Reply