Budget Preview

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  • Bill, Are you saying that the province is better off economically without the old film tax credit system? I’d be interested in the math on that.

    Doug Taylor | April 21, 2016 | Reply

    • Both are bad, but the old one is the worse of the two. The important change is that there is a cap of sorts in the new regime.

      Bill B

      Bill | April 22, 2016 | Reply

  • I doubt that ‘jobs’ can be ‘arranged’ by government, if by jobs, is meant that the job is something that stays. Jobs are created and last due mostly to the individual initiative applied.
    By implication, individuals, not government subsidies , ‘provide’ jobs.
    Perhaps this explains “now or never” which Ivany reported … and which PwC and others will continue to report while being ‘subsidized’.
    Subsidized legislature … ?

    Gordon a.... | April 18, 2016 | Reply

  • The film industry math and the tourism industry math are not very all explained on any provincial website . The way government decides on it’s return on investment in these two cases is even worse . The film industry was mainly people working in NS and spending their money in NS and then all the services bought fro NS companies . The tourism industry is really selling an export product , so the way to measure that investment is a bit different , but can be done . There is no real transparency to show how they think 200,000 tourists leave $2 billion in the province, let alone what is needed to double that to $4 billion . They have been loosing millions for years because of the underground versions of rentals and now there is Air B&B and still no sign of helping the accommodations investors . Might explain why they are loosing product , the number of tourism businesses and rooms to rent. Not one marketing program is measured yet we spend $5 million year after year . And now they want to add a room tax ??? Shades of NewFeeLand!!.

    peter s | April 18, 2016 | Reply

  • Certainly not difficult to concur in your ‘take’ on both of these issues..In the case of the former, it should be kept in mind that we are dealing with ‘Actors’….In respect of the latter, ‘delusional’ comes to mind although some even stronger words might well be suitable…..

    Bob MacKenzie | April 18, 2016 | Reply