Resistance To Change

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  • On the assumption that lower taxes (personal and corporate) are an important factor in attracting and retaining economic producers, it would seem that reducing municipal governments makes sense. Start with this and move on to our provincial government and those of the other Atlantic provinces.

    Steve Chipman | June 20, 2016 | Reply

  • Generally I agree with the overall direction of your comments Bill B.. There are big savings to be had if common sense ruled the day versus the petty defending of the local biases. Savage does deserve credit for his actions, actions that came from true leadership.

    I think the Windsor – West Hants attempts at amalgamation deserve more credit and support than might be assumed, given the label of your article is ” resistance to change”. My understanding is the citizens of Windsor, and West Hants have been the driving force for the application to amalgamate. Through the initiatives of the citizens they proactively went through their communities and gathered thousands of signatures supporting amalgamation. The citizens got no support from the provincial government or from either of the local governing bodies. That in itself is disgraceful and provincial Municipal Affairs Dept should hang their heads in shame.

    My understanding is Windsor eventually bought into the application, however West Hants has fought the citizens using every tactic possibly to side track and derail the application.
    However the citizens persevered and went to directly to the URB and filed their applications and petitions, against the wishes of West Hants governing council. As I understand it, the URB, based on the strength of the petitions, agreed to hold a hearing into the application.
    Bill, I think you comment that West Hants does not support the application because of difficulties with the Hantsport merger. I do not think many in Windsor or West Hants believe that convenient argument.
    There has been resistance to change but it has not been the citizens of those communities. Those communities deserve strong support from our “leaders” and from all of us . Instead our government leaders/ dictators run and hide and throw up roadblocks. A clear case where citizens try to make democracy work while our governments work diligently to subvert their efforts !!!

    barry h | June 19, 2016 | Reply

  • Pictou County rejected the MOU to a large extent because hidden agendas were felt to be present in many areas of the proposals being advanced ….

    Bob MacKenzie | June 19, 2016 | Reply

  • The situation with Pictou County and the rejection of the proposed amalgamation is much more complex then labelling it resistance to change. What was being touted for financial gain came from a Liberal Government that has taken away the following in Pictou County. A land registry office located in the brand new Pictou County municipal building to AMHERST. The funding of NGO Pictou County youth roots taken away by this Liberal Government and distributed to Zack Churchills riding with a new youth at risk group in Yarmouth. The removal of the Mental Health ward at the Aberdeen Hospital and the only place for those services for pictou citizens is indeed Sydney or Dartmouth. The removal of funding for the Riverfront homes mentally challenged facility in Riverton. People in Pictou County dont trust the Liberal MacNeil government and for very good reasons since we voted three conservative MLAs to represent us in Halifax in the last election. Signing away our democratic representatives on the word of Zack Churchill was never in the cards considering the recent history of Liberal deceit towards Pictou County. The Liberals had their proxies in the county leading the charge including the mayor of New Glasgow and they indeed will pay at the ballot box for cozying up to a liberal government that would make Pictou Countys most vulnerable suffer for vindictive partisan politics. I dont know how Zack Churchill and company dont get the Tories will not strike back at their ridings when the tories come to power. The MOU was indeed a highly flawed document that had both the Towns of Westville and Trenton stay clear away from , That drew the deep mistrust of the “deal” as well. Much like everything that comes to Pictou County it is usually 20 years after Halifax and in this day and age of internet searches there is plenty of testimonials by scholars stating Amalgamation does not deliver the efficiency and promises of a booming economy . This was the ridiculous claims made by MacNeils proxies in Pictou County

    paul taylor | June 19, 2016 | Reply

  • All of our politicians and senior bureaucrats should get some training in how to run a business. Every municipality should be using the same computer systems such that they blend with the provincial systems , and such that all their financial and economic data is all in one big file .We have far too much money being spent on duplication and not enough being spent on forward planning . The municipalities and the province do not seem to be on the same song sheet when it comes to investment strategy . Here CBRM is pouring millions into a port that has no rail service while the Mulgrave port sits and waits and the Halifax Port is still below what t was 10 years ago , and the province says it has no money for ports . Here is Inverness budgeting $9.6 million for a second airport even after the province said it wasn’t interested . Neither of these projects were even mentioned by Ivany ; there is no progress report on the Ivany data either . This ship needs a captain and a course chart !!

    peter s | June 18, 2016 | Reply

    • Peter S
      –And a purser

      Bill | June 18, 2016 | Reply

      • Bill – and a Chief Engineer, without which this ‘ship’ “ain’t goin’ nowhere!’..

        Bob MacKenzie | June 20, 2016 | Reply