The Senate Renewal Is Missing Something

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  • Bingo ! And wasn’t that what the US election tended to point out (probably Britex etc., too).

    Those producers of ‘economy’ are now “angry” at their leftward drifting ‘servants’ benefiting so ‘bureaucratically’ (think Washington – or Halifax!), while producers must compete … .

    The senate; well yes, as you point out; but what about all the other elections/appointments in the last 50 years? Electing ‘takers’ and not ‘makers’, has us headed for the cliff.

    And yes, a “renewal is missing something”. Perhaps ‘representative government’ is not representing the ‘responsible’. Perhaps the mess’anger’ needs attention .

    Gordon a.... | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  • Very valid observations but it must be observed that this is a vast improvement over what has historically been the situation and the likelyhood is that it is a first step only.While I haven’t always endorsed the performance of this new Prime Minister I have no hesitation in lauding him on this occasion.

    bobmackenzie | November 11, 2016 | Reply