Trump Hits A Bump

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  • Bill – Yes you are correct and I misspoke, the “zero-tolerance” policy announced in May 2018 was new. However under Obama separation of kids from parents was going on without a specific policy and twice as many kids were separated under his watch as Trump. Obama enclosed these kids in wire cages and basically dog kennels in some cases, again no media outrage over his actions.

    Harold | June 28, 2018 | Reply

  • The Obama administration were the ones who started this policy! Where was the liberal media’s outrage against Obama’s policy? In addition, many of the media images of kids in dog kennels and those numerous kids in wire fenced holding areas covered with just space blankets, were from the time of Obama’s separation enforcement. Not that the liberal media in US or Canada would admit that!!

    Harold | June 23, 2018 | Reply

    • Harold, was the “zero-tolerance” policy applied under Obama? Isn’t the business of wholesale separation of children from families new?

      Bill B

      Bill | June 23, 2018 | Reply

  • It seems that for several presidency’s, the immigration debate has won a few presidency’s. I have been reminded that since President Clinton the issue of illegal immigration especially from South America has been a troublesome issue for Americans. For some unidentified reason it is also a very hot topic; so hot that most Presidents want it to fade away. This is where the Trump Administration is quite different. These people are people of action. They seem to force many issues to the table and are not frightened to then deal with the issues; whether it’s North Korea, their health care issues, loss of millions of factory jobs, the way energy is used in he U.S. and now the latest, the operating environment of the U.S. bureaucracy, which as far as I can see will be the biggest change to happen in the U.S. and may get the least press since it’s a boring topic. I can certainly understand the Trump message that if a country does not have strong borders it is not a country. This is true in more ways than we initially can think of. To protect the existing citizens of a country is the foremost important job of any leader and many Americans feel they have unduly suffered consequences of a lose, porous border. I do not understand the insistence of allowing illegal immigrants into a country. I realize these people are escaping from what is probably a very bad environment and I guess we are back to the 70’s where the American government will support freedom fighters. This is a vicious circle with no good answers but I see this type of policy being implemented once again. I pray to God that these people that want a better life will find it. But I agree the American government has to be firm as to who they will allow in their country.

    David | June 22, 2018 | Reply

  • If prices do go up at Walmart (sharply) as you suggest people can still patronize Dollar Tree or Dollar General who generally undersell Walmart any way

    Bill | June 22, 2018 | Reply