Balancing The Environment and The Economy

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  • I wonder if the “economy” side of the balancing act is fully understood by Nova Scotians. Much of our local news consists of a group or individual making a case for receiving a new or enhanced service from government. In other words, they are seeking a larger share of the wealth. OK, but unless it is taken from somewhere else (where an equally compelling case can probably be made), we need to create more wealth to afford it. Holding that “X is not worth the risk” should include realistic assessments of what we may not be able to afford without X.

    Steve Chipman | January 17, 2020 | Reply

  • The Scandalous part of the Northern Pulp affair is the FACT the proposal is for a Effluent Treatment plant modelled directly from a Pulp mill in Sweden. Has our Nimby quest taken its first victim COMMON SENSE ?

    paul taylor | January 17, 2020 | Reply