The Conservative Leadership Race Matters: Part 2

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  • Bill, thank you for today’s column on Peter MacKay it was an appreciated outline of what he offers as a potential Conservative leader and possibly a prime minister.. Personally I am disappointed with the number of potentially good candidates that did not choose to run and have left the Conservative voters with a possibly less potential candidate for Canada’s prime minister position. He is frequently referred to as ‘a Liberal Lite/Red Tory’ and I am not sure that this description is in some sense untrue. One thing that causes me great concern is his statement “that he will respect provincial regulatory autonomy in the planning and approval of all energy projects”! This, in my opinion would prevent me from offering my support. I believe that such power should be federally held. Also I believe his point about a national energy corridor, whilst sounding attractive, has long-passed its ‘ best before date’. As I recall it was Diefenbaker who first proposed this and in all the intervening years literally dozens of oil and gas pipelines, electrical transmission and communication circuits have been put in place and are literally spread all over the land.
    What the Conservative party should have is an individual who has excellent potential attractiveness, strong leadership ability and preferably one who has a good understanding of economics in the running of the country. None of these contestants have all those characteristics. Pity!

    Bill Phillips | June 22, 2020 | Reply

  • Trudeau vs McKay
    Sophie’s choice

    Bill | June 20, 2020 | Reply