The Federal Government Is Failing Both Mi’kmaq and Non-Indigenous Fishers

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  • Understand the Hereditary Chiefs represent the eldest member of any blood line, we call them patriarchs or matriarchs. When the First Nations radicals lost their legal battle you are suggesting that they negotiated some sort of standing for Hereditary chiefs? Appreciate many Canadians believe that the current MP is in fact a Hereditary Chief. I wounded how much quiet $650,000,000.00 bought, I now have a very good idea of exactly how corrupt the media is.

    Jim C Davis | November 26, 2020 | Reply

  • Trudeau government specializes in posturing and getting nothing done.. That’s clearly the case in the Lobster dispute. Feds refuse to define any rules or regulations on fishing. That’s their responsibility. Even the Supreme Court ruling said that. Violence is hard to tolerate but it will flare up again as long as Feds refuse to solve the problems and address the issues

    Blair T. | October 24, 2020 | Reply