Beware of Political Promises About Climate Change

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  • I must agree with one thing that Maggy Burns said in her rant in the July 31 issue of the Chronicle Herald; “we need immediate, ambitious and measurable action from our next government”. Other than that, Maggy’s rant was a litany of all the current buzzwords in the woke progressive environmentalist’s lexicon.
    She speaks of climate seven times, but never once mentions what causes climate change, i.e global warming. Nor does she mention what causes global warming, i.e. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mostly CO2. In her 738-word polemic she never once mentions the word coal. Yet a huge proportion of the GHG’s emitted in NS come from coal We burn imported coal to produce half of our electricity, while emitting six million tons of CO2 every year and spending millions of dollars outside of Canada to buy the coal. We could cut those emissions in half by burning natural gas instead of coal. If we harvested our own onshore natural gas, following the recommendations of the Wheeler Report, we could eliminate coal and biomass burning in four years and use all the money we don’t spend overseas to build wind farms, both onshore and offshore.
    Now that would be “immediate, ambitious and measurable action”, and a climate plan that is fully funded.

    David Parkes | August 2, 2021 | Reply

  • Quite a summation Bill and I personally agree with you. I also reviewed your ‘Related Articled’ on Energy, costing. For sure Rankin is just doing Politics and the NDP seemed to have done enough trouble. Do the past doings and history of what happened in Ontario in the last 25 years teach us nothing.
    Solar Panel “Gardens” is all Virtue Signalling……….

    Tony | July 26, 2021 | Reply