Trudeau Is Better At Campaigning Than Governing

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  • I agree with you that the upcoming election may be a toss-up, but in reality we need a change of leadership, but O’Toole wont be much better than Trudeau??? Other parties should be banned from running!!!
    My beef is more so with DFO and the way they have handled the Native issue.
    My backyard borders La Baie Saint Marie and I watch daily the activity out of Saulnierville wharf as well as the DFO and CCGS vessels running around the Baie as well as anchored directly across the Baie from me. Pissed me off earlier this week when Aaron Beswick printed an inaccurate article without having done his due-diligence, natives are planting false information to the media and it gets printed without verification. Also why is no one reporting on the DFO lobster truckload seizures (2 recently) with electronic tagged lobsters from native illegal traps etc., etc……

    Reply from Bill Black:
    I think it is hard to know how good or bad O’Toole would be. I believe there are many Liberals who would be better than Trudeau.

    Bernie | September 18, 2021 | Reply

  • Guess we know who Bill is not voting for.

    Nicholas Carson | September 17, 2021 | Reply