The Province’s Intrusion Into Municipal Planning Is Risky

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  • I just heard your interview on CBC and quickly located your website. I have always been a fan of your logical and clear headed thinking. I am signed up for emails. Please keep up the great writing.

    Michael Casey | November 22, 2022 | Reply

  • Hi Bill: Sounds great that the population is to grow as you predict. Not only will housing be a problem, but the physician crisis will worsen. Current housing construction will be affordable to the two professional household!

    Ron | November 22, 2021 | Reply

  • Another excellent review of the mess HRM is in.
    Thank you. I fundamentally agree.
    But to share another concern, having personally done more than two thousand home energy audits in HRM between 1977 and 2007….. there is another problem.
    Existing homes are vastly underutilized. I’ve been in them.
    4 and 5 bedroom homes in both the core and the suburbs are now occupied by one or two people. Their taxes are capped. Their kids are grown up and gone.
    The important issue seems to be the number of people per square foot of space….. in terms of housing and energy use efficiency.
    Until those who greedily hoard large houses alone are taxed at a higher rate than those who don’t. nothing will change.
    In the present system young couples with children filling the bedrooms are taxed at a higher rate than the retired couple across the street, because the cap disappears with new purchases.
    Your opinion?

    Phil | November 21, 2021 | Reply

    • Thanks Phil. I believe you are right about the history you saw.

      Since 2007 a lot of condos have been built that attracted the lonesome occupants of five-bedroom houses.


      Bill | November 21, 2021 | Reply