Halifax’s Green Plan Must Fit Into The Bigger Picture

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  • I’m back reading the Herald on line again and your articles on EV, etc, have been the highlight. You just don’t fill the space with a recap of a news story, you actually write something that has been well researched with lots of deep thinking I am sure.
    Here are a few of the questions hopefully will be covered in future articles:
    -Is a nuclear fusion commercial reactor ever going to be feasible on planet earth? Temperature requirements (3 times greater than required for fusion at centre of the sun), for example, is not going to be easy on 24/7 basis.
    -The issue of increased electricity demand as the result of EV’s; why not link the government incentives for buying an EV to installation of solar panels, windmills or maybe even investing in Fundy tidal power? Can’t have one without the other!
    -Upgrading electric transmission lines to carrying up to 4 times as much power and/or consumer responsibility to produce and store their own energy.
    -In the changing environment, ensuring the public interests are always a priority vs the interests of the monopoly power corporation.

    Don Hall | December 3, 2021 | Reply

  • Unfortunately HRM mayor and council believe they are an island and not part of NS. There are too many “green” activists sitting around the table and staff are more than willing to help. Savage is just back from The Great Wind Bag Conference and seems to willing to tax and spend our money in order to build up his green credentials.
    On another front, the provincial government begins its internal budget cycle this week (I have been talking via text with Allan MacMaster). I think you should begin a monthly editorial on fiscal issues for the elected officials (the unelected bureaucracy don’t care) on long term planning and spending. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect better results.

    Wayne | November 30, 2021 | Reply

  • I don’t know of anyone who has spent more time fact-checking and thinking about the related moving parts of local governments and electric power conundrums than you have.
    Do you have time to coalesce your knowledge into a book that provides a roadmap to Nova Scotia that can set out clearly the direction to a proper solution? I no longer live in N.S. but I follow your wisdom as much away as I did when living there.

    Wayne Armitstead | November 27, 2021 | Reply