The Atlantic Loop As Explained So Far Is A Mirage

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  • I have never understood why we are so reluctant/ slow to move forward with Wind Power. We have such a great resource in the availability of wind, both onshore and offshore.
    Wind power with Muskrat Falls as “back up” when wind does not meet all our demand provides is a reasonable alternative to our problems. And it can be done cost effectively with gov support.
    I have heard that wind power is not as cost effective as other sources. I do not understand why wind would not be cost effective. The only thing that I can assume is whether we utilize wind power or not we are still paying for the legacy and operating
    costs associated the coal / gas/ oil fired plants.
    Governments both Fed and Prov talk about the need to switch away from fossil fuels. Well do it. If legacy costs and operating costs of existing generating facilities are preventing us from doing the right thing, then write them off. The governments have the financial ability to make this happen. The only answer gov has is to tax us more through carbon taxes. That is no solution. It is time for gov to do more then tell us to do the right thing- It is time for them to do the right thing.
    PS: I agree with Muskrat Falls being a solution to NS needs. When it comes to a deal
    with Quebec STAY CLEAR. However I note that a referendum in Maine made it less likely Quebec will be able to use us to access those states.

    Barry Hubley | November 9, 2021 | Reply

    • Thanks Barry.
      Wind is the most efficient renewable source available in Nova Scotia. But it needs sources of firm power to offset the times when the wind is weak. So we need fossil fuel power until we can get enough from hydroelectricity.

      I noticed the Maine referendum. I don’t think it is binding but we shall see.


      Bill | November 9, 2021 | Reply