Jean Charest Is the Centrist Candidate for the Conservative Leadership

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  • Thanks for the overview. I am no longer a card carrying Tory so I cannot vote.
    I hope he wins the leadership. Poilievre makes me very nervous.

    Betty Josey | June 20, 2022 | Reply

  • Thanks for that amazing summary!
    I remember when Jean Charest was first elected! (Of course I had already met Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark and Jean Chretian….. and Tommy Douglas)
    And he ain’t them.
    But I was always charmed by the Irish Quebecois he is ….
    Too bad Quebec won’t vote for half breeds hey?

    Philip Thompson | June 18, 2022 | Reply

  • Thanks for Jean Charest’s “bio” in today’s paper. He’s my man!
    A while back when the person I voted for, Justin Trudeau, was irritating me, I listened and read about Pierre Poilievre and was so excited about this guy I sent him money for his campaign for MLA. He WAS the man!
    Until he appeared at the Ottawa convoy and agreed with the anarchy at the location. I thought that was NUTS.
    So, I JOINED the Conservative Party, with a donation of course, ONLY so that I could vote Poilievre out of the competition. I respect Jean Charest for all he’s done and I remember him well when he was in office. Not so Poilievre, and this guy’s backing of Bitcoin as a monetary standard, and spouting off how he’d fire the Governor of the Bank of Canada shows how delusional he is.
    My second choice would be the Mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown. I watched the English debate and while all did well, including Poilievre, Brown had an air of “regular guy” about him.
    I’m anxious to read your background on Poilievre, not that it will change my mind or anything.

    Bob Found | June 18, 2022 | Reply