The Conservatives must pick a leader who can win elections

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  • Bill, your article is based on the premise that one of the candidates can win the next election. I am having great difficulty accepting if any of them can win.
    The top two candidates, Charest and Pollievre, are complete opposites. Charest is centre left and would be indistinguishable from the Trudeau liberals and unable to convince liberals that he would be a better choice.
    Pollievre of course is right to far right and Canadians are too comfy to accept the many truths he espouses. His style is offensive to those who have become accustomed to Trudeau’s warm, sunny, lying, ineffective and downright disturbing delivery of government services to Canadians. Pollievre will, as you point out, be caught in his past statements.
    The only difference is who can deliver a way forward and in my view Pollievre is very capable in that area. My concern is the extreme right wing of the party will, as they have in the past, keep us on the Opposition side.

    Wayne | June 25, 2022 | Reply