Nova Scotia’s Plans To Accommodate Growth Are Inadequate

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  • Your points are well made and the lack of planning by the government needs to be highly criticized. We are seriously behind the curve in housing and health care. Immigration has had a significant impact on the crisis we face in those 2 sectors. We will not get out of that crisis until we start to limit the growth in our population. The theory that they will come and we will build is nonsense and many are suffering from it. The plan needs to be – we will build and then we will encourage growth that reflects our ability to service/ meet the needs of.
    Our current citizen base is being denied their basic services and any realistic opportunity for improvement. Our children today have very limited chance of owning their own home, of getting quality education, and receiving the basic health care that will provide them with a quality of life. How is that a dream we should be accepting/ encouraging.
    And we control one significant input into the cause of todays dismal outlook- population growth from outside. Governments have been unable to plan for or meet our essential needs. What is the advantage of adding to the problem? 2M is a nice number but growth for growth sakes is useless. We should grow at a pace which ensures the current citizens and the new arrivals can be provided the services they expect and deserve. We need a plan that reflects the growth we can accommodate- a pie in the sky formula will leave a divided society and many will be left behind because only the very well off with enjoy living here.

    Barry Hubley | October 19, 2022 | Reply