Nova Scotia’s Population Will Grow More Slowly In 2023. Good.

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  • Hey Bill, usually I agree with what you say in your columns. I agree wholeheartedly that the province needs to adjust the population growth program. I liken it to the law of diminishing returns. Where we deviate is point 3, rent control. The reason why so many small time landlords like myself are turning to Airbnb short term rentals is that long term rental is a broken legacy industry. The pendulum has swung way too far in favour of the tenant. For example, a tenant can refuse to pay rent and the landlord cannot proceed with the eviction process for 10-15 days. The banks want their money when it is due. They do not care if the tenant refuses to pay. If you do not pay you are considered delinquent, then you go into collection then foreclosure. The tenant takes zero risk, the landlord assumes all of the risk. The government does not cap price increases for lumber, lettuce, eggs, milk, Uber surge pricing, vehicles, cell phone plans, on and on….. yet it feels it must meddle with rental rates and the livelihood of the small time landlord. NS Power just got a 6% increase, Hfx Water increased their rates, Assessments just went up 25% with an anticipated municipal tax increase of 4%-8%. Despite all of these increases, landlords can increase rental rates a mere 2% and you are proposing is 3% increase. The only entity that can survive in an environment where expenses exceed revenue over an extended period of time is government.
    All levels of government are making short-term rentals the bad guy. They need a so Called fall guy. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. It’s like blaming mammals for the great dinosaur extinction. Mammals didn’t cause it, they merely took advantage of the situation. Disruptive companies like Airbnb have taken advantage of the broken hotel and long-term rental models. Airbnb provides an option and helps the host with the risk. Rather than look in the mirror and cast rightful blame on themselves for their lack of foresight and planning government blames landlords and short term rentals. The reason for the housing crisis is that Government stands on it’s soap box, patting itself on it’s back saying what a great job we have done increasing the population without considering structural needs that comes from such an increase and the strain it puts on health care, education and housing. How is it that HRM had the foresight to set aside millions in funding for a CFL franchise but nothing for low income housing. Take a drive down Lacewood, Joseph Howe, Larry Uteck and tell me how many of those buildings are low income housing. How many of the current cranes in HRM are building low income housing. You can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe yet the government keeps trying to shoot the canon.

    Steve | February 7, 2023 | Reply