Opinions on government policy are only as good as the information backing them up

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  • I refuse to quibble with the minor details of this generally thoughtful entitled year end message.

    There are dozens of excellent writers and op ed writers I enjoy more….

    But I am indeed grateful for the thanks you gave to all the readers who praise your thorough preparation and respect the vastly improved quality of your writing.

    I’d say that makes me, an editor and freelance writer for fifty years, your top fan.

    Philip Thompson | December 18, 2023 | Reply

  • Good piece in today’s Chronicle Herald.

    Interestingly, a Halifax regional councillor brought the issue of municipalities paying the carbon tax to my attention earlier this week. The councillor raised this at a November 28 Council meeting – staff said there was an impact, but they didn’t break it out.

    Many businesses (including amongst my clients in the housing sector) have also noted to me the lack of any rebates for their payments of the carbon tax.

    Rob | December 17, 2023 | Reply