Unlike Biden, Trudeau has no excuse for his failure to manage population growth

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  • Two groups benefit from uncontrolled immigration, the immigrant and employers who use these individuals to suppress the wages of middle income earners.

    RG | February 27, 2024 | Reply

  • Life and personal financial well being are going to get a lot more competitive now. Existing citizens better pull up their bootstraps because the efforts I see coming from these bright young immigrants is very impressive. I see smiles on their faces, bounce in their step and no idle hands.
    Bravo for the human race.

    K. Mac | February 25, 2024 | Reply

  • Very fine column. Sean Fraser – what did he ever really accomplish to help. My young nephew would be able to understand and do the job better.

    This is an emailI sent to Tim Houston this past week.

    ”Yesterday was really the final straw.

    The government is spending millions on homeless people- actually taxpayer money. And this may be one of the causes of homeless people.

    Anything delivered to me – done by men with turbans. Hire Just Junk to take some things- men with turbans. Stop at Mr.Lube on Portland St.-all the employees are men with turbans. They are hired and then trained by the company. Yesterday at Sobey’s on Baker St. – men with turbans working in the store.

    Can anyone tell me WHY and WHY people who are homeless cannot do these jobs. I learn that this is not just HRM -its all over Nova Scotia.”

    Lisa Stewart | February 24, 2024 | Reply

    • Thanks Lisa.

      Many of the students from India have a strong work ethic and also take on employment when they are here. Employers are glad to have them.

      Manny of the people in tents are working, some of them full time. At today’s minimum wage they can’t find an apartment they can afford.


      Bill | February 24, 2024 | Reply